Social Care Commitment Week

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With the Care Quality Commission (CQC), commissioners and the general public all increasingly seeking evidence of a commitment to quality amongst social care providers, Social Care Commitment Week 2016 provides an excellent opportunity for providers who haven’t already made the Social Care Commitment to find out more about doing so.

Social Care Commitment Week


Social Care Commitment Week 2016 runs from 7–11 November with the aim of celebrating the commitment and achievements of those who have signed it and raising awareness of the scheme to those who have not yet joined.

Membership of the Social Care Commitment provides a framework for improvement for both your service and your staff team and, significantly, can be listed on your Provider Information Return in advance of your next CQC inspection to demonstrate to the inspection team that you are a forward-looking and proactive service with a commitment to improvement.

social care commitment week

Time to Show the CQC Your Commitment to Becoming Outstanding!

Read on to find out more about Social Care Commitment Week 2016 and how you can get involved.

The Social Care Commitment is supported by the Department of Health, CQC, Association of Directors of Adult Social Services and Skills for Care as well as being recognised by many Local Authorities as a signal of good practice. The scheme is free to join and open to any organisation providing social care in England.

4 Steps to Use the Social Care Commitment to Improve Your Service

  1. Learn more: Find out more about the Social Care Commitment and Social Care Commitment Week 2016 here. The website provides a comprehensive range of supporting materials as well as information on how to sign up.
  2. Involve Your Team: Share details of the commitment with your staff team and encourage their involvement. The Commitment involves 7 “I Will” statements for employers and a further 7 “I Will” statements for staff which include making a commitment to upholding dignity, working responsibly and communicating effectively. Lead by example and encourage your staff to follow.
  3. Link your commitment to the CQC’s Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOEs): The Social Care Commitment website provides a tool to allow you to link the actions developed from your “I Will” statements to the CQC’s KLOEs, providing valuable evidence at your next inspection.
  4. Make Your Commitment Public: As part of Social Care Commitment Week 2016, Skills for Care is encouragement any provider who signs up to print off a copy of their ‘we’ve just signed up’ sign and tweet a photograph of their staff team holding it to @carecommitment using the hashtag #SCCWeek. Skills for Care will undoubtedly try to raise the profile of those who participate and have even offered to publicise services without a Twitter account if they send a photo via email.

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