New Resource to Improve Awareness of the MCA in Your Service

One of the conclusions from a recent review of the Mental Capacity Act (MCA), carried out by the House of Lords, was that not enough people know about the legislation and the protections it offers people who want to make their own decisions about what they do. As a result of this, a new film entitled Using the MCA has been commissioned by the Department of Health and is available as a free, online learning resource.

Using the MCA includes contributions from people with learning disabilities, older people, individuals with mental health problems, and from carers, outlining how the MCA has protected their right to make choices and to have control of their lives. Read on to find out more about this helpful new film and how you can use it to improve awareness of the MCA within your staff team.

Using the MCA also features people not currently using health or social care services but who have taken steps to plan for a time when they may lack capacity to make decisions. This includes some who have appointed a Lasting Power of Attorney and others who have completed an Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment, to ensure they have control of decisions about their care and affairs throughout the whole of their life.

The film is available from the Social Care Institute for Excellence website, along with a range of other MCA resources.

4 Steps to Make the Most of the New Using the MCA Film

  1. Practical examples. Use the real-life examples relating to each of the 5 principles of the MCA to help your staff understand how the MCA should be used in practice. The film includes 5 separate sections, each covering one principle, which can be watched individually or together to embed learning about practical aspects of the MCA.
  2. LPA vs ADRT. Show your staff the sections on Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) and Advance Decisions to Refuse Treatment (ADRT) to ensure they have a clear understanding on how these important legal measures affect the care they provide.
  3. Webinar. Encourage your staff to watch the accompanying webinar which provides a more detailed outline of the provisions of the MCA and signposts them to further resources if they wish to find out more.
  4. Additional resources. Review the other excellent resources on the MCA provided on the SCIE website to assess how they can be used to improve MCA awareness amongst your team. The resources are suitable for staff at all levels, from new starters to managers and are regularly updated to reflect best practice.

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