National Co-production Week – Prepare Your Service Now

4–8 July sees the Social Care Institute for Excellence’s (SCIE) first ever National Co-production Week taking place. The event aims to celebrate the benefits of co-production, share good practice and highlight the contribution of people who use services and carers to developing better social care services.

Co-production involves working in equal partnership with people using services, carers and families and offers the chance to transform the type of service you provide, from one where people are consulted about how the service operates, to one where they have an active involvement in these decisions. This can be challenging and even threatening to organisations that are used to making decisions without fully considering the opinions of those to whom they provide a service but, at a time when the Care Quality Commission expect to see clear evidence of the involvement of service users, National Co-production Week could be a perfect opportunity to develop this area within your own service. Read on and find out more about National Co-production Week and the benefits it could bring to your service.

SCIE is encouraging as many social care services as possible to take part in National Co-production Week and to share stories of good practice, as well as offering to promote co-production events organised by care providers. Their website includes a range of contact information and resources providing further information.

5 Steps to Begin the Move to Co-production within Your Service

  1. Read the SCIE guide. Available from the SCIE website, ‘Co-production in social care: What it is and how to do it’, provides an excellent overview of the concept of co-production, including recommendations, practice examples and a ‘how to’ guide.
  2. Join the network. SCIE’s Co-production Network’s role is to support organisations and the individuals within them to move towards systems of co-production and can be an excellent means of networking and sharing good practice.
  3. Use the video. SCIE has produced a video called ‘What makes co-production different from participation?’, which can be shared with your staff to explain the important differences between simply consulting people and genuinely involving them in decision making.
  4. Share good practice. If you already have good examples of co-production, share them with SCIE who will include a selection of the best ones in its co-production guide.
  5. Tweet your support. Use the hashtag #coproweek to show your organisation’s support for the event and seek out other care services involved.

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