Improve Your Profitability with Values-based Recruitment

A recently published longitudinal study has shown the importance of employing a values-based approach to recruiting social care staff. The study, published in April, was carried out by independent research consultancy, Consolium, on behalf of Skills for Care, and reported that those employers using a values-based approach to recruitment and retention found:

  • Staff performed better
  • Staff had stronger care values
  • Their organisation had stronger care values
  • They experienced a positive return on investment of £1.23 for every £1 spent.

Almost all of the organisations taking part in the study reported that a values-based approach offered an improvement on other methods of recruitment and retention they had used, with the single biggest benefit being that many employers believed it helped them identify staff with attitudes and attributes that could not be taught. Other benefits included improved attendance and punctuality, as well as having stronger care values, such as dignity and respect. Read on to find out more about this new study and how taking a values-based approach to recruitment and retention could benefit your own organisation.

Values-based recruitment and retention has grown rapidly in recent years and is now widely used within a range of care settings, including the NHS, local authorities and independent social care providers, to identify staff suitable for working in caring roles. Rather than focus solely on competencies, this approach seeks also to ensure that the candidate has values that are compatible with the role for which they are applying, in order to increase the likelihood that they will carry out their responsibilities well, if appointed.

5 Steps to Adopt a Values-based Approach within Your Organisation

  1. Get your advertising right. Think about who you are trying to attract and design your recruitment advertising to focus on values, rather than previous experience. Use terms such as caring, compassionate, respectful and imaginative to emphasise the values you seek.
  2. Use values-based questions. At interview, ask questions that will test out how the candidate has behaved in the past and what values they have displayed. Ask about situations outside of work to test if the candidate’s values apply in everyday life and are not just adopted in the workplace.
  3. Include values in all job roles. Include reference to care values in all of your job descriptions and person specifications. Care values should be universal to every role within your service.
  4. Use a profiling tool. Consider using one of the increasing number of personality profiling questionnaires available online prior to interview. This will help you tailor your interview to explore any weaknesses, or concerns, more effectively.
  5. Be sure before you appoint. Don’t appoint unless you are sure that the applicant has the right values for your service. No matter how tempting it can be to appoint a qualified and experienced candidate, without the right values, they are not going to provide the standard of care you expect.

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