How to Succeed Despite the Recruitment Crisis

Finding care staff is harder than ever as care providers across the UK are continuing to report difficulty in recruiting care workers leading to high vacancy levels and reliance on expensive agency staff.

In addition to the financial impact of this situation, the difficulties in recruitment and retention mean that many care homes are unable to maintain the quality of care they provide and risk their CQC rating being downgraded as a result.

Figures from Skills for Care show that almost 100,000 care workers in the UK come from other parts of the EU but the fall in the value of the pound along with the continuing uncertainty surrounding Brexit mean that many are returning home and fewer see the UK as an attractive destination in which to pursue a career in care.

These factors will make care recruitment more challenging than ever in 2019 and those care providers who fail to prepare may struggle to survive if they’re unable to recruit the staff they need to provide high quality care. With good care staff becoming harder than ever to find, read on to learn about the steps you can take to attract new staff and help your service thrive, despite the recruitment crisis.


Rather than relying on traditional recruitment methods or simply waiting for potential staff to approach them, successful care providers will need to develop innovative approaches to attract potential care staff. In a crowded recruitment market, the providers that make the effort to stand out and actively attract job seekers will attract the largest pool of applicants so review your recruitment strategy today to get ahead of the crowd.

4 Steps to Attract New Talent Despite the Carer Recruitment Crisis

  1. Don’t limit your audience: Advertising for staff with previous experience immediately limits your pool of potential applicants so think carefully before you word your recruitment ads. Do you really need staff with previous experience or could you try to attract staff with transferable skills looking for a career change? 
  1. Operate a referral scheme: Using your existing staff as a recruitment tool is one of the most effective methods of attracting applicants so offer a reward to any member of your team who recommends a friend who you subsequently employ. Personal recommendation is a great way of appealing to potential employees so think about ways you can encourage your staff to recruit on your behalf. 
  1. Target non-traditional groups: Although the UK care workforce remains primarily female and under 60, there is nothing to stop you recruiting from outside this traditional demographic. By using advertising that appeals to men or older individuals who may be looking for part-time work, you can attract applicants who may not have considered care work before. 
  1. Network within your Community: When it comes to recruitment, it’s almost impossible to have too many contacts within your local community. By building links with local colleges, community groups, churches, charities and businesses, you can maximise your profile and build your reputation as an employer. The more people who are aware of your business and the good work you do, the more likely it is that they’ll approach you if they’re looking for employment.

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