How to Find and Keep Your Care Workers

This week saw Skills for Care announce a number of updates and improvements to its useful Finding and Keeping Workers resource, available from its website. This was launched in 2015 to support health and social care providers of all sizes with their recruitment and retention challenges. It describes its aim as ‘to be the first place you visit for recruitment and retention information’ and includes a range of useful videos, case studies and websites.

Recruiting and retaining the right staff for your service is essential to providing good care but, equally, can be a huge challenge. Smaller organisations, in particular, can often struggle to access the resources needed to compete with larger organisations and often have limited access to HR departments and other specialist advice, so this free resource can be a useful tool in your recruitment toolkit. Read on to find out more about how Finding and Keeping Workers can help improve recruitment and retention strategies and help you to achieve a stable staff team.

Finding and Keeping Workers can be accessed on the Skills for Care website and focuses on four key themes to help attract more workers:

  1. Attract more people: advice on how to recruit people of all ages and backgrounds.
  2. Take on the right people: help in finding people with the right skills, values and talent to work in social care.
  3. Develop talent and skills: guidance on providing effective induction, training and career progression for people.
  4. Keep your people: support with retaining your staff by offering the best terms and conditions.

3 Steps to Make the Most of Skills for Care’s Finding and Keeping Workers Materials

  1. Practical advice based on real-life problems. For any specific problem you may encounter, e.g. recruiting enough staff or reducing staff turnover, each section provides useful advice and resources that you can use to improve your own situation. The site also links users to a range of other Skills for Care and external resources, enabling access to a whole range of possible solutions.
  2. Resources library. A fully searchable library of recruitment and retention materials from across adult social care can be accessed via the site. New materials are uploaded to the database regularly to ensure that good practice is shared with users.
  3. Learning from good practice. The site provides a range of case studies from UK social care providers, each highlighting an innovative, real-life approach used to overcome recruitment and retention difficulties. Using case studies from similar organisations to your own can provide a helpful insight into how different approaches can succeed and could be adopted for your own service.

The duty to provide the right level of staffing in care settings is one of the CQC’s Fundamental Standards. If you are not sure what you need to do to pass your next CQC inspection, read Care Quality Matters. Every issue is packed with essential advice and practical guidance for Registered Managers. Click here to sign up for a free 30-day trial.

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