Avoid Regulatory Action: 5 Steps to Display Your Quality Rating

In January this year, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) announced a 4-week consultation on its proposal requiring all registered providers to display their ratings and on changes to its guidance to providers. Following the completion of this process, final guidance has now been issued on how providers should display their rating following inspection. Read on to find out the steps you will need to take to comply with the new CQC guidance in displaying quality ratings.

CQC Chief Executive, David Behan, said ‘The aim of this new requirement is all about helping to achieve better awareness and greater transparency for members of the public about which care services are Outstanding, Good, Require Improvement or Inadequate.’ It is clear that the CQC will place considerable emphasis on ensuring that services communicate their rating to the general public and services that fail to comply will risk regulatory action.

5 Steps to Display Your Quality Rating

  1. Overview. From April 1st, if you have been awarded one of the new quality ratings (Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement or Inadequate), you must display it in every place where a regulated activity is being delivered, in your main place of business and on your website. You must always display your most up-to-date ratings.
  2. Location. Care homes are required to display posters at their main entrance and also at locations where they can be seen by service users. Home care agencies are required to display their rating at the premises from which they conduct their business but there is no requirement to display it in the homes of service users to whom they provide care.
  3. Posters. Use the CQC posters populated with your most up-to-date ratings, available for download from the CQC website, which will ensure that you include all the information required by the regulation. If you decide not to use the CQC posters, then you will be required to demonstrate that what you do use is at least as conspicuous and legible as the CQC poster.
  4. Online. Use the CQC rating widget and template, available from the CQC website, to ensure that your rating is conspicuous and legible. Ensure that your rating is displayed on the main page of your website so that that all visitors have immediate access to it.
  5. Timescale. You have 21 calendar days from the publication of your quality rating on the CQC website to display your rating. Even if you have submitted a request for a review, you must still display your rating, although you may include a note to indicate that you have requested a review.

The duty of to display ratings is one of the CQC’s Fundamental Standards. Are you staff properly trained and are your policies as thorough as they could be? Read Care Quality Matters for the latest advice, expert guidance and more to make sure you pass your next CQC inspection.

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