Allied Rescued In CRG Healthcare Buyout

After a month of uncertainty, Allied Healthcare has been purchased by CRG Healthcare.

The sale bring to a close weeks of turmoil, after the Care Quality Commission (CQC) issued a warning in early November about Allied’s imminent insolvency.

On November 5, the CQC wrote to 84 local council authorities that were using services that were at risk – affecting some 13,000 people – urging them to make alternative arrangements.

Allied expressed dismay at the regulator’s decision to issue a Section 6 notification, but was not able to guarantee access to funds beyond December 21.

The sale to CRG was concluded on November 30 and undisclosed fee, and sees all of Allied’s contracts – and the name itself – transferred.

Tristan Ramus, chairman of the Health Care Resourcing Group (HCRG), commented on the purchase: “CRG is a healthcare business. We have no intention of breaking up Allied Healthcare and our aim is to ensure that no part of the country is left abandoned by this transfer of all services.

“We intend to bring the care provider back to full strength; however, this will require time and the full support of all stakeholders.”

However, many local authorities had already changed their suppliers while the fate of Allied was undecided.

A spokesperson for Allied has appealed for local authority commissioners to reconsider: “With long-term financial arrangements in place and a clear commitment to the continuation of high-quality services, Allied Healthcare would urge local authorities to consider the potential disruption that could be caused by transferring services, particularly at this time of year.”

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