Activities Lead to Outstanding Rating

A Devon care home where residents have taken part in non-traditional activities such as skydiving and tree climbing has been rated outstanding after a recent visit from the CQC.

Malden House, part of the Hartford Care group was praised for its positive approach to risk taking with the report highlighting how staff ‘go that extra mile to meet residents’ needs and wishes’, and use opportunities to stimulate residents’ interests and learn new hobbies, including skydiving, climbing trees and learning to play the harp. The report also noted “Residents were helped to make informed choices about risk taking to live life to the full.” In a discussion about making a ‘bucket list’, two residents identified an ambition to try skydiving. Staff accompanied them to visit an airfield to “progress their ambition”.

Read on to learn more about how taking a bucket list approach to activities could lead to an outstanding rating at your next inspection.

Achieve an Outstanding CQC Rating

Although most care homes offer a range of social activities, the majority of these remain relatively traditional and low risk. Spending time finding out if your service users have any unfulfilled ambitions can uncover a whole range of opportunities to improve their quality of life as well as demonstrating to the CQC your innovative and person-centred approach to care.

4 Steps to Developing a Bucket List Approach to Activities

  1. Use personal histories to identify opportunities: A service user’s personal history document is a treasure trove of information about their past life and interests, so look out for biographical information that could give you clues about what would interest them. For example, those with a sporting past may wish to attend a sporting event, visit a stadium or even meet a sporting hero, whilst those with an interest in transport may want to take a flight, travel on a steam train or just jump on a bus for the first time in years!
  2. Develop a ‘Make a Wish’ programme: Why not introduce the idea of making a wish at your next residents’ meeting or setting up an activity group to discuss the sort of things your services users would really like to try? By bringing the idea into the open, you will encourage discussion, suggestions and, hopefully, excitement at the thought of doing something new.
  3. Work with families: Sharing the idea of a bucket list with families can not only help to build a better idea of a person’s past history and interests but also encourage them to become involved in fulfilling their wishes. Many families feel frustrated at being unable to make a difference to their relative’s life, so a project like this can help to give them a sense of purpose.
  4. Share your success: Whenever you help a resident to achieve a wish, use it as opportunity for celebration. Sharing photos and video of the event, involving family and friends and encouraging interest from the local media will make the day even more memorable as well as producing valuable evidence for you next inspection.

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