93% of Employers Recommend Social Care Commitment

An independent review of the Social Care Commitment, the adult social care sector's promise to provide people who need care and support with high-quality services, has shown that it has brought a wide range of benefits to participants and that 93% of employers surveyed would recommend it to others.

Amongst the almost 3000 employers signed up to the scheme, 67% reported reduced staff turnover, 65% stated dignity in the care provided had improved, 63% said there had been improvements in the way staff were trained and developed and 59% felt that care had become more personalised.

With the benefits of the Social Care Commitment now becoming more widely acknowledged, is it time that your service signed up to the scheme? Read on to find out more and learn how you can get involved.

The Social Care Commitment includes a number of ‘I will’ statements for both employers and staff to sign up to. For employers, these include a commitment to:

  • Recruit staff who care
  • Provide thorough induction training
  • Help staff develop their skills
  • Make sure staff understand safety and quality standards
  • Take responsibility for how staff work
  • Supervise staff properly
  • Support staff to put their commitment into practice every day.

For each of these statements, there is the opportunity to set a goal and develop an action plan to improve the quality of care you provide and to share your plans with your team. Working towards mutual goals encourages ownership of your commitment and helps to ensure your whole team are working towards improvement.

4 Steps to Implement the Social Care Commitment in Your Service

  1. Make the commitment. You can sign up to the 7 employer statements online and also encourage your staff to register as individuals and sign up to the corresponding 7 employee statements and personal actions plans, which commit them to:
    • Work responsibly
    • Uphold dignity
    • Work co-operatively
    • Communicate effectively
    • Protect privacy
    • Continue to learn
    • Treat people fairly.
  2. Plan your tasks. Think about which of the suggested tasks under each statement could be used to improve standards within your service. Encourage your team to be involved in these decisions so that everyone is aware of, and committed to, the improvements that you are planning.
  3. Increase awareness. Make use of the free resources provided to all registered employers to increase awareness of the scheme and demonstrate your commitment to embedding care values and a culture of care within your service. Once registered, you will be able to display your commitment in the form of a certificate and also on your website and email signature.
  4. Do your research. You can find full details of the benefits of the Social Care Commitment, how it could improve your service and how to sign up online. The site also provides details of other organisations already signed up and testimonials about the improvements to which it has contributed.

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