7 March: Relaunch of Free Dementia Training Course

A successful dementia training course, pioneered by the University of Derby, has been relaunched and is available to the public, free of charge, as a result of popular demand. The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), entitled ‘Bridging the Dementia Divide’, was first launched in mid-2015 and attracted over 3,500 subscribers before being withdrawn but is now open for new registrants and will begin on 7 March.

The course is suitable for anyone with an interest in dementia and can be accessed by staff, or family carers, who want to expand their knowledge of the condition which affects 850,000 people in the UK. Read on to learn more about how to access ‘Bridging the Dementia Divide’ and how it can improve the care you provide to people living with dementia.

‘Bridging the Dementia Divide’ runs as a 6-week course, focussing on improving the lives of people living with dementia and the benefits of a person-centred approach. Students are expected to commit to approximately 2 hours study per week and the units include:

  • An introduction to dementia
  • Communication and compassion
  • Independence, control and quality of life
  • Dementia as a global health priority
  • Integrating care,
  • End of life care.

4 Steps to Use ‘Bridging the Dementia Divide’ within Your Service

  1. Share with staff. Publicise the course to your staff team via staff meetings, supervision, or your training notice board. Explaining the benefits, ease of access and opportunity to improve their knowledge base will maximise the likelihood of staff signing up and, if adequate numbers subscribe, there will be the additional benefit of being able to use the course as a shared learning exercise.
  2. Involve family carers. Sharing details of the course with family carers can provide you with the opportunity to help improve their understanding of dementia and encourage a shared understanding and approach to the care of their loved one. The course is designed to be suitable for non-professionals, so can be undertaken by anyone with an interest in dementia.
  3. Enrol. Those interested in enrolling can do so immediately via the University of Derby website and have until 7 March to register for the course. Registration is free and takes only a few seconds.
  4. Learn more. Find out more by reading the full course outline and watching the accompanying video on the University of Derby website.

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