5 Steps to Passing Your CQC Infection Inspection

You may consider that you manage infection control well within your service, that you have an Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Lead in place, you carry out regular audits, ensure that your staff have appropriate training and have measures in place to manage the risks related to infection control. However, during an inspection you will need to provide comprehensive evidence of these measures.

Producing your annual statement is an excellent way to satisfy your Care Quality Commission inspector that you are aware of and fulfil all of the requirements relating to Outcome 8. Check the 5 steps below to prepare an effective infection control statement and feel confident of success at your next inspection.

5 Steps to Passing Your CQC Infection Inspection

At a recent infection control conference for owners and managers of care services that I attended, a speaker asked those in the audience who had completed the annual infection control statement required by the Care Quality Commission to raise their hand. To her surprise, only around 25% of those attending did so. This is despite Outcome 8 of the Essential Standards of Quality and Safety and the accompanying Code of Practice on the prevention and control of infections explicitly stating that this is required for compliance with the standard.

Follow these 5 Steps to Prepare Your Statement and be Inspection-ready:

  1. Provide a summary of any outbreaks of infection during the year and ensure you have clear records to show how the outbreak was managed. Explain what action you took at the time and include details of the recommendations and improvements that you implemented as a result of the outbreak.
  2. Include details of all the audits that you have carried out in relation to infection control, cleanliness and disposal of waste and refer to the action plans that you have put in place to address concerns that you have identified.
  3. Provide a comprehensive list of the risk assessments that you have developed relating to all aspects of infection control and the details of when you last reviewed them.
  4. Outline your annual plan for infection control training and summarise the resources you have put in place to ensure that your staff have received the training and supervision that you have identified in your plan.
  5. Provide evidence that your infection control policies and procedures have been reviewed and updated to reflect current practice and how this was carried out. Make reference to any documents or publications you have referred to, or specialist advice and support you have engaged.

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