5 Steps to Ensure You Recruit Staff with the Right Care Values

As a busy manager with responsibility for every aspect of running your service, you understand just how important it is to recruit staff that you trust to uphold the highest standards of care for your service users. Appointing staff who don’t share your values leads to unhappy service users, poor staff morale, increased complaints, safeguarding issues and a negative impact on your CQC compliance.

Check our 5 steps below to improve your chances of recruiting people with the right care values for your organisation.

5 Steps to Ensure You Recruit Staff with the Right Care Values

Ultimately, poor recruitment choices mean that your staff turnover increases, the reputation of your service suffers and you risk creating a spiral of decline as you fail to recruit and retain the type of staff that you need to provide excellent care.

Traditional methods of recruitment focus on experience, knowledge and qualifications rather than essential care values such as compassion, respect, empathy and integrity. The Department of Health alongside the National Skills Academy (NSA) and Skills for Care have all recognised that values-based recruitment is a useful tool in helping to ensure that staff with the right values are recruited to caring roles.

With the NSA currently running a nationwide pilot scheme to explore the use of values-based recruitment more widely, now is the time to think about including care values in your own recruitment process.

Adopt these 5 Steps to Recruiting for the Right Care Values:

  1. Think about who you are trying to attract and design your recruitment advertising to focus on values rather than previous experience. Use terms such as caring, compassionate, respectful and imaginative to emphasise the values you seek.
  2. At interview, ask questions that will test out how the candidate has behaved in the past and what values they have displayed. Ask about situations outside of work to test if the candidate’s values apply in everyday life and are not just adopted at work.
  3. Include reference to care values in all of your job descriptions and person specifications. Care values should be universal to every role within your service.
  4. Consider using one of the increasing number of personality profiling questionnaires available online prior to interview. This will help you tailor your interview to explore any weaknesses or concerns more effectively.
  5. Don’t appoint unless you are certain that the applicant has the right values for your service. No matter how tempting it can be to appoint a qualified and experienced candidate, without the right values, they are not going to provide the standard of care you expect.

The duty to employ only fit and proper staff in care settings is one of the CQC’s Fundamental Standards. If you are not sure what you need to do to pass your next CQC inspection, read Care Quality Matters. Every issue is packed with essential advice and practical guidance for Registered Managers. Click here to sign up for a free 30-day trial.

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