19th June – National Care Home Open Day: Prepare Your Service Now

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The growth of Care Home Open Day was discussed in Care Quality Update earlier this year and it seems clear that many care home providers see the value in becoming involved in this nationwide event, which takes place on 19th June. Hopefully, you will already have signed up to take part alongside major providers, such as Barchester, Care UK and Sunrise Senior Living but, with less than 3 weeks until the big day, you should be taking every opportunity to get ready for the event. Read on to find out more about what you should be doing in the countdown to this year’s National Care Home Open Day to make your day a success.

You will, no doubt, already have planned your events and activities for your open day and be looking forward to the opportunity to show off your good work to the local community. A well-organised open day should bring benefits to all those involved, providing your service users with social stimulation, your staff the opportunity to show off their work with pride and members of the local community the chance to learn more about what goes on within a care home. However, even with a clear plan for your day, you should be thinking about the important steps you need to take in the days prior to this year’s Care Home Open Day.

3 Steps to Ensure National Care Home Open Day is a Success for Your Service

  1. Involve and inform service users. Any well-planned event will have been carried out with the involvement and agreement of service users and families but it is essential to keep them involved as the day draws nearer. Some service users may wish to be closely involved, whereas others may prefer to stay away. Helping them to understand what will happen on the day will give them the choice about whether or not to engage.
  2. Think about safety. Carry out an event-specific risk assessment for your open day, considering any activities that may present new risks to those involved. Your risk assessment should consider the safety of visitors, as well as service users, in order to ensure the day goes safely.
  3. Maximise publicity. With less than 3 weeks to go, time is precious so you should now be increasing the frequency of your publicity to ensure maximum awareness. The Care Home Open Day website provides a range of eye-catching publicity materials that you can download to create posters or to use on your website. Use your social media to count down to the big day – with the hashtag #CHOD2015 you can publicise your event on Twitter and draw the attention of as many people as possible. Refresh and update your approach each week as the event draws close, to make sure that you are catching the attention of potential visitors right up to the final day.

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