17 June Care Home Open Day: Prepare Your Service Now!

17 June marks the fourth year of the increasingly popular Care Home Open Day. This year’s theme is ‘celebration’, which allows a whole range of opportunities to mark the event. Perhaps you could celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday, the forthcoming Olympics, or even a special event closer to home, such as achievements amongst your staff team or residents?

With Care Home Open Day only a few weeks away, now is the time to sign up and organise your event – if you haven’t already done so. Major providers, such as Barchester, Care UK and Sunrise Senior Living, are already involved but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t join the party too! Read on to find out more about what you should be doing in the countdown to this year’s National Care Home Open Day to make your day a success.

The Care Home Open Day website provides a whole range of information, inspiration and resources to help make your day a success and to market it effectively. You can download logos, leaflets, tips and advice in preparation for your event.

3 Steps to Ensure National Care Home Open Day is a Success for Your Service

  1. Involve service users and families. The success of your event will be entirely down to the level of involvement that your residents and their families have in the planning of the day. If residents feel that the day is imposed on them and they are no more than passive participants, they are unlikely to be positive about the day and may actually feel uncomfortable about having strangers in their home. Encourage residents and families to help plan what the day will consist of and, if possible, give them roles on the day. What could be better than a resident proudly showing visitors around their home on your behalf?
  2. Plan for a safe event. Don’t forget to put in place a risk assessment for your day. An increased number of visitors, in an environment that is unfamiliar to them, can increase the risk of accidents. The last thing you want on the day you plan to show off your service is an injured visitor or resident.
  3. Get your marketing right. With more and more care homes taking part in Care Home Open Day each year, competition for publicity in local media is growing. Sending a press release to your local paper may be worth a try but, if every other home does the same, you may not get the coverage that you are hoping for. Think about using your social media and local networking opportunities instead to maximise awareness. Providing a ‘Countdown to Care Home Open Day’ on your Facebook or Twitter accounts, with teasers in the days leading up to 17 June may be helpful. Also, sharing news of your day in local businesses, coffee shops, day centres and GP surgeries can be far more effective than newspaper coverage.

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